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MAHB unit to run on its own Kazakhstan's only international airport

KUALA LUMPUR. April 2. KAZINFORM - A unit of Malaysia Airports Holdings Bhd (MAHB) has won a 10-year deal to manage, operate and maintain on its own the international airport in Kazakhstan's capital city Astana. According to Bernama, Malaysia Airports Management and Technical Services (Labuan) Private Ltd, MAMTS(L), has already been providing this service since September 2002 but that had been together with the Kazakh government under a joint stock company (JSC). MAHB told Bursa Malaysia Monday that last Saturday the Kazakh authorities gave MAMTS(L) the entire state shareholding in the company under trust management. In return, the Malaysian company will be paid up to 50 percent of the yearly dividends declared by JSC, based on a set of key performance indicators on the number of passengers, the service standards, the total revenue per passenger, and the total operating cost per passenger. MAMTS(L) is a subsidiary of Malaysia Airports Management and Technical Services Sdn Bhd, which in turn is a subsidiary of MAHB. According to MAHB, the deal came about because "the (MAHB) group has vast experience in the outsourcing and offering of airport management services in the airport industry. "It has the requisite knowledge and technological know-how to manage major international airport projects and has the necessary skills and expertise of international quality to complement this experience and know-how." MAHB also said the 10-year period could be extended for another 10 years. Under the agreement, MAMTS(L) is to undertake the trust management in line with "international standards and reasonable skills."


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