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In the end of October, the World Bank Group published another annual report Doing Business 2016. As opposed to the previous version of the ranking, when due to a change in the methodology Kazakhstan has left the list of 50 most attractive countries for business, the current report gave us a pleasant surprise. Another portion of short stories has led to the revision of our last year results changing it from 77th to 53 place, and based on results of this year we have climbed to 41st place. 
In 2015, after a three-year pause in the ascent in the WEF’s global competitiveness ranking, Kazakhstan jumped from 50 to 42. However, the fact that it was downgraded to a country in transition to effective development, as well as the continuing imbalance in certain competitiveness pillars, show that the main battle for a glorious future is yet to come. 
With the current economic crisis and growing global competition for investments, the public-private partnership is becoming increasingly relevant as a means of risk sharing. This survey describes the main factors to be taken into account by potential investors when implementing PPP projects in Kazakhstan. 
The national contest Altyn Sapa choosing the top performers in the field of management quality and efficiency will celebrate its 10th anniversary this year. Our magazine interviewed the last year’s Altyn Sapa winners and asked them about the secrets of their success. 
From the State of the Nation Address by President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev “Kazakhstan in a new global reality: Growth. Reforms. Development” 
Today, more than 90% of all revenues to the National Fund are due to exports of energy resources. Taken into consideration the fact that these funds are used for further transformation of the economy and the increase of its stability in crisis times, it is hardly to overestimate the importance of stable operation of the energy sector. This review covers the dynamics of key indicators in this area. 
The world oil market is entering a new chapter of its history, which will be radically different from what we've seen before. Will the shale revolution in the United States continue being a driver of global supply? How will prices keep changing before the end of this decade? "Medium-Term Oil Market Report 2015" of the International Energy Agency gives answers to these and other questions. Here we present to our readers the main findings of this report. 
Adopted at a time of global economic decline, the program focuses on two main areas: infrastructure development and new anti-crisis measures providing support to particular sectors of the economy. Because this issue of our magazine is somewhat special, we have decided to provide an overview of the key sections of this fundamental document, with special attention paid to infrastructure projects. 
Kazakhstan’s leadership is seriously thinking about ways to boost foreign investment in the country’s agriculture. Despite massive support from the government, the sector remains extremely inefficient, using less than 10 percent of its potential. Possible solutions were discussed during the 28th plenary session of the Council of Foreign Investors (CFI) under the auspices of the President of Kazakhstan. 
Kazakhstan’s mining industry has all the chances not only to overcome the crisis, but also to strengthen its positions in the global market. For this purpose, it is necessary to improve legislation, to continue investments to development of the resource base and to increase productivity, as well as to adopt a more aggressive growth strategy. It was the summary, made by the participants of VI Astana Mining Congress.
Birzhan Nurymbetov, Vice-Minister of Health and Social Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan, told us how Kazakhstani companies can benefit from participation in Paryz. 
The First Vice Minister of Energy of Kazakhstan, Uzakbai Karabalin, proposed to set up a new association of oil producing countries, which will regulate the production of oil, depending on the demand from the global economy. 
We asked the General Director of KAZENERGY Association, Aset Magauov, to share what specifically needs to be done to improve the current condition of the mineral producers.
Head of the German Economy Representative Office for Central Asia Yorg Hetch told us about how far the economic cooperation between our countries progressed in recent years 

What investors in renewable energy projects in Kazakhstan should know


Upgrading and growth of added value as the targets of the second five year plan

Interview with Canada’s Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary to the Republic of Kazakhstan, Shawn Steil. 
Yerlan Khairov, the Chairman of the Investments Committee under the Ministry of Investments and Development of Kazakhstan, answers the questions of the Kazakhstan magazine. 
Mr. Ulf Wokurka, the Chairman of Kazakhstan Foreign Investors’ Council Association’s Governing Board and the Co-Chairs of the FIC Working Groups from foreign side tell our magazine about the tasks and the future plans of the Council for 2015. 

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